Shop dog photos requested for upcoming magazine edition

After the Shop Dogs page made its debut with Mulligan, Maci, Henry and Simon in the Fall Edition of OPE Business magazine, we are seeking more of our canine friends to be included in the Winter Edition.

So step away from your computer, grab your phone and go take a photo of your shop dog. Send it via email to Dave McMahon, editor:

The OPE Business Shop Dog Showcase is the perfect way to give your pup some props as we begin the holiday season. Deadline is Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Include the dog’s name along with dealership name/city/state.

Then watch it appear in the next edition of OPE Business. Click the image below for another look at Mulligan, Maci, Henry and Simon.

Click the image above to view the debut edition of the Shop Dog Showcase in OPE Business magazine.


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