Two New Ethanol-Free KTech Products from Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Engines Division is launching two Ethanol-free fuel products specifically optimized for OPE applications: KTech Blend Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Fuel + Oil, and KTech Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel.

The Ktech Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Fuel + Oil product has been engineered to avoid the inherent issues in pump fuel formulated for the transportation industry. It provides easy starts, lower maintenance, and takes the guesswork out of the oil and fuel mix for two-cycle equipment.

Because of OPE’s high sensitivity to fuel, and with the inevitability of wide-ranging applications, pump gas has never truly provided the level of consistency required by users, the company says. This is primarily the result of the fuel production process, which varies by state and region. It’s compounded by the need to meet minimum standards that don’t prioritize OPE usage. Kawasaki’s KTech development and engineering teams have focused on delivering a stable mixture that will last two years in a tank and five years in a sealed container. Formulated specifically for small engines, it employs 93 Octane ethanol and the highest-quality 100-percent synthetic blend FD Certified oil. The premix offers better starting and more efficient operating characteristics.

By addressing industry issues such as corrosion and poor detergency, this fuel-oil pre-mix offers the solution for easy start and run applications at sea level or higher altitude, in cold, dry, humid, or hot weather, and after sitting for up to a several years. It will work with equal efficacy in lower RPM blowers and in higher RPM chainsaws.

Kawasaki’s new unleaded Ktech Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel is formulated for long life durability of 4-cycle small engines, and 2-cycle when mixed with oil to engine manufacturer specifications. The quality components used to develop this new fuel can aid in reducing costly repairs, equipment downtime, and user aggravation, the company reports. Like the 2-cycle pre-mix product, the 4-cycle fuel earned 93 Minimum Octane Rating via the (R+M)/2 Method. The new KTech 4-Cycle Fuel passes warranty requirements for all manufacturers of 4-cycle and 2-cycle (when mixed with 2-cycle oil to manufacturer specifications) engines.

Both the Ktech Pre-Mixed 2-Cycle Fuel + Oil and the Ktech Ethanol-Free 4-Cycle Fuel products are available in quart; one-and five-gallon cans; and 54-gallon drums. Kawasaki notes that an added benefit to these new offerings is the relative actual size of the one-gallon containers: Kawasaki’s measures a full 128-oz capacity while many others now market one-gallon containers that have only 110-oz of liquid.


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