Scythe Robotics Launches Electric Autonomous Mower

Scythe Robotics, the Colorado-based company that produces commercial-grade robotic solutions for the landscaping industry, has announced its first offering: an all-electric, fully autonomous mower targeted to commercial landscape contractors.

The Scythe autonomous mower features eight HDR cameras and an array of sensors enabling it to safely operate in dynamic environments by identifying and responding to the presence of people, animals, and other potential obstacles. The mower also captures property and mower performance data, which can help the user/contractor improve workflow, identify upsell opportunities, schedule more efficiently, and manage labor costs.

Scythe mower specs include:

  • Deck: 52-in. tri-blade rear discharge
  • Deck power: 15hp (20hp drive power)
  • Top speed: 10mph
  • Cut height: 1.5-6 in.

Scythe’s Robot as a Service (RaaS) model bills customers by acres mowed rather than necessitating buying machines outright.

“To date, commercial landscape contractors haven’t had a technology partner who enables them to keep up with demand and to operate emissions-free. We are that partner,” says Jack Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Scythe. “Our autonomous mower gives them the ability to grow their business, while staying green. It’s designed from the ground up to be an order of magnitude more reliable, more productive, and safer than any existing machine by incorporating state of the art autonomy with a rugged, all-electric design.”

Scythe also announced its $13.8M in Series A funding led by Inspired Capital with participation from existing investors True Ventures, Zigg Capital and Lemnos. Scythe reports that the new investment will be used to grow the company’s operations in Texas, Florida and Colorado, expand with new customers, and accelerate development of further products.



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