Yamaha Motor USA Headlines ‘Modern Marvels: Machines’ Season Premiere on The History Channel

If you’d like to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing’s factory in Georgia, look no further than the 2021 season premiere of The History Channel’s popular “Modern Marvels: Machines” series.

The show’s first episode of the season shines the spotlight on Yamaha’s extensive U.S.-based manufacturing and its workforce in Newnan, Georgia, capturing an insider’s perspective and visiting areas of the Yamaha factory traditionally off limits to camera crews and public viewing. Host Adam Richman and the “Modern Marvels: Machines” crew enjoyed unprecedented access to Yamaha’s production and testing facilities to learn how Yamaha vehicles are designed, developed, tested and produced.

After the behind-the-scenes tour, Richman and “Modern Marvels: Machines” delivers a look at Yamaha’s recreational vehicles and takes viewers into Yamaha’s U.S. production and product testing facility. In the finale, Richman gets in the passenger seat for his first ever Wolverine RMAX 1000 ride on Yamaha’s Real World testing track.

The season premiere aired July 25th on The History Channel but encore viewings can be seen on History.com. Yamaha has also posted a clip of the episode on YouTube.

“Adam and the crew were great to work with and a pleasure to have here at the factory,” says Bob Brown, VP, finance and operations support. “We not only wanted to highlight our vehicles being built with pride on the line, but also the amazing folks who work here. We were glad to see the Modern Marvels team do exactly that, for it was about the people at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing and the result of their hard work, dedication and quality of craftsmanship that’s delivered to the world.”



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