California Legislature Passes AB 1346, Sent to Governor

California Assembly Bill AB 1346 passed out of the California Senate this week, and was sent to Governor Gavin Newsom. This takes the state one step closer to phasing out gas-powered small engines, including those found in lawn mowers and leaf blowers.


As OPEB reported in May of this year, AB 1346 would require the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to set emissions requirements for small off-road engines to zero by 2024, or whenever CARB determines is feasible.

The bill also directs CARB to provide funding to state air districts and offer rebates to commercial users, such as landscapers, to buy zero-emission equipment.

California assemblymember Marc Berman, one of the bill’s authors, noted via Twitter that $30 million had been secured in the state budget “to help gardeners transition to cleaner, greener equipment.”


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