New York State Senator Introduces Zero-Emission Lawn and Landscape Equipment Legislation

New York State Senator Pete Harckham has introduced new legislation requiring all in-state sales of new lawn care and landscaping equipment – including mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers and more – be zero emissions by 2027. The legislation was filed with the Senate Rules Committee on October 22.

Harckham’s new bill (S.7462) will amend the state’s energy law to require zero-emission “lawn care devices” by 2027, which will include any device powered mechanically and intended to be used or actually used for “the mowing of grass, the cutting or chopping of trees, tree roots, or tree branches, or the clearing of leaves or other vegetation from lawns, sidewalks, public streets or public highways and shall include, but not be limited to, such devices as lawn mowers and lawn mower attachments, lawn edgers, leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, mulchers and chippers.”

This bill also notes that “all lawn care devices that are offered for sale or sold in the state will be zero-emissions by 2027 which will be done with safety, technological feasibility and cost- effectiveness in mind.” With assistance from various state agencies, a plan will be put in place to ensure that a transition strategy is developed by February 2023. The agencies will overview the issue of new equipment affordability as well.

“As New York continues to advance the goals set in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, we need to do more to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Harckham in a press release. “Gas-powered landscaping devices create an inordinate amount of air pollutants, and so it is imperative that we transition to zero emission equipment. The environmental benefits of zero-emission lawn devices are many, and as more communities in New York look to ban or partially ban gas-powered devices, the switch to electric equipment, which is certainly quieter to operate, will take place quickly statewide.”

Prior to submitting the legislation, Harckham met with professional landscapers, who voiced concerns about recouping investments on recently purchased equipment. The five-year implementation to zero emissions in the bill takes this into consideration, reports Harckham’s office.




  1. Pete…. as a lawn and garden equipment retailer I gotta’ say, “Are you crazy ?!” Here are some numbers to consider. Consumer house hold mower gasoline powered starting price under $199. Battery powered mower with 40 minute run time starting price $400 ++ Commercial zero turn mower gasoline all day run time under $8000. Commercial zero turn mower battery powered 6 hour run time $30,000 ++ Do you represent the people of you district and NY ? Have you even considered an economic impact assessment for you proposal ? Please call my office 585-427-2333 Dave Hutchinson

    • Who knows how this all will play out Dave. I just retired from the Power Equipment industry , I started working at a McCulloch & STIHL dealership when I was 16. Most recently West Coast Muscle Saws LLC , and The Chainsaw Guy on YouTube.
      Seen all kinds of ups and downs. One thing I’m sure of is there is and will be a huge demand to keep all the millions and millions of power equipment running for years to come.
      Speaking for myself, To survive and provide a living for my family during those early lean years, I taught myself new skills to keep afloat.
      Tig, Mig welding saw bar repair and anything pertaining to the industry.
      Master mechanic on multiple MFG’s.
      Lot of work, but paid off.
      The strong will survive and lesser dealers not so well.
      I’m willing to help dealers that want to “be around “ years from now.
      I can be reached at the following… Ph.541-680-3732

    • Climate change denial is crazy. Thinking you have some right to continue the status quo in the face of climate change is crazy. You know the price difference will quickly go away as soon as there is comparative demand. There is a pile of advantages to electric also. Low maintenance, quiet, no playing with boom juice, instant on, no paying for boom juice, etc.

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