Mammotion Launches Luba Robotic Mower for Residential Use

Mammotion, a China-based provider of electric robotics tools, has launched Luba, the company’s first perimeter-wire-free robotic lawn mower.

Designed specifically for residential use, Luba features:

  • No perimeter cables required, creates a quick and simple set-up without the need to dig or bury wires. Its advanced RTK system ensures precision positioning within 2cm of accuracy, the company reports.
  • Intuitive all-wheel drive system with in-wheel motors and rugged tires, enabling Luba to traverse a variety of mowing zones and climb up to a 75-percent slope.
  • Smart obstacle avoidance relies on a four-ultrasonic radar sensor system, detecting and avoiding objects as small as 2 inches.
  • Multi-zone management efficiently maps different zones and allows users to automate specified tasks and requirements in Mammotion app for each zone, including mowing date/time, cutting plate height and cutting route.
  • Auto recharging – the mower will automatically return to the charging dock when the battery is low and then resume the paused session once it’s 85-percent charged; allowing up to 5000㎡ to be mowed daily.
  • Real-time, anti-theft monitoring provides accurate and precise tracking to automatically lock Luba if it’s taken out of its existing boundary. The GPS tracking function allows users to track Luba in real time and users will be notified of potential theft in real time with an alert via the Mammotion app.

“The residential lawn care market has remained relatively unchanged for years and is in desperate need of innovation,” says Jidong Wei, founder of Mammotion. “This is an industry ripe for disruption and with the acceleration in robotic technology capabilities, Mammotion is ready to lead the charge in powering the next generation of smart robot mowers. We are very pleased to introduce a product like Luba – one that is technologically advanced and precise, yet simple and easy to use – to take the ‘work’ out of yardwork.”

Luba was initially made available May 19, 2022, through a Kickstarter campaign; following the Kickstarter, Mammotion will sell Luba directly and via Amazon, the company reports.

Mammotion also lists the Kumar Smart autonomous commercial robotic mower and the Kumar RC industrial remote control robotic mower on its website.



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