Kubota Corp. to Acquire Italian Mower Manufacturer

Kubota Corporation, the parent company of Kubota North America and Kubota Tractor, has agreed to acquire the mower business division of Italian mower manufacturer Officine Bieffebi s.p.a. and its subsidiary, Gianni Ferrari s.r.l. The acquisitions will consolidate to become Kubota Gianni Ferrari, and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Holdings Europe B.V. based in Romagna, Italy.

Bieffebi and Gianni Ferrari “are enjoying tremendous popularity as pioneers of center collect front mowers – top-of-the-line models for professional mid- and larger-size lawn mowers – in Italy, France, Germany, the U.K. and other countries in Western Europe,” Kubota notes.

The two companies and Kubota, states the company “each have a competitive advantage in different markets and product lines and perfectly complement each other, making this business partnership an optimal one. The Kubota Group expects to expand its product line and, by integrating each other’s resources in the sales, production, and development processes, accelerate the expansion of its business there.”




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