HVO usage in the U.S. approved by Kohler Engines

All Kohler diesel-fueled engines in the U.S. have been approved to use HVO, hydrated vegetable oil, in line with the ASTM D975 standard. This confirmation comes just a few months after European compliance was announced. Kohler had announced the approval to use HVO for all its diesel engines in Europe in February, in line with the EN15940 standard.

The use of HVO, whether pure or blended with conventional diesel, does not require any specific engine modifications or upgrades. However, exhaust gas aftertreatment systems remains necessary where already provided.

Unlike conventional biofuels that take resources away from agriculture and contribute in part to deforestation, HVO is a renewable fuel that can be produced from various vegetable oils and fats. It is derived from biological waste, free of fossil-derived oils and a 100% recycled product. In addition, depending on the raw material used in its production, it leads to a reduction in overall CO2 emissions of up to 90%. Engine exhaust emissions also benefit directly, given the very low sulfur content.

This announcement marks another step toward Kohler’s new roadmap, which for the first time outlined its strategy for a more sustainable future at the Bauma Media Dialog in Munich. Among the new pillars of the strategy, alternative fuels are aimed at raising awareness of low carbon, more economical and logistically manageable fuels. The emphasis is on innovation and the use of technologies to guide the company toward the green transition, without losing sight of the different needs of OEMs, and keeping engine performance high thus maximizing machine productivity.


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