Bobcat Co. unveils most powerful loader lineup to date

West Fargo, North Dakota-based Bobcat Co. has unveiled its most powerful loaders ever produced. The Bobcat T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader set new standards for productivity, attachment versatility, speed, control and weight-to-horsepower ratios.

Only Bobcat offers a compact loader that delivers three hydraulic flow options in one machine, setting a new industry benchmark in performance and attachment versatility. Also setting the T86 and S86 apart is Bobcat’s exclusive Premium Power Performance, a power management system that distributes power more efficiently on loaders equipped with high-flow and super-flow hydraulics.

“Bobcat has redefined best-in-class performance with the toughness, productivity and capabilities of the new T86 and S86 loaders,” said Jorge De Hoyos, Bobcat senior product manager for loaders. “We’re expanding our equipment lineup to support our customers’ most challenging jobs. With these compact loaders delivering more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than ever before, we are empowering customers to accomplish even more.”

Attachment and Flow Versatility to Match Task

The T86 and S86 loaders offer more attachment versatility and productivity than ever before. Each component – including the engine, pumps and hydraulic system – is engineered to deliver maximum hydraulic performance so operators can work quicker, lift more and take productivity to new heights.

The three hydraulic flow options are:

• Standard Flow (23.0 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Standard) – Select standard flow to operate attachments that require lower hydraulic horsepower.

• High Flow (36.6 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Optional) – This system provides additional hydraulic power to boost production of attachments like the Bobcat flail cutter, trencher, planer and stump grinder.

• Super Flow (42 gpm, 4,061 psi) (Optional) – Tackle the most demanding attachment applications, including pavement milling and clearing land of trees and heavy brush, with attachments designed specifically for super-flow hydraulics.

Bobcat attachments are engineered to be fully integrated with the carrier’s electronics, hydraulics and geometry. This ensures the best possible work is achieved on every jobsite, every time. And, with these 80-platform loaders, operators have more attachment versatility than ever before. The T86 and S86 can power a wide variety of attachments including those specifically designed for super-flow hydraulics such as super-flow snowblowers, cold planers and forestry drum mulchers.

Several attachments require control of more than one function, and Bobcat’s small, seven-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip control functions while eliminating the need for the mechanical relays used on other loaders. The T86 delivers more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than ever before with 105 hp and 3,800 lbs. rated operating capacity.

More Heavy-Duty Work Done Per Day

Equipped with the latest Bobcat technology, the T86 and S86 loaders are among the industry’s most powerful, maneuverable and efficient loaders in their class size. Bobcat boosted the horsepower for the T86 and S86 while optimizing machine weight. The result is greater lifting capacity, impressive breakout forces and leading maneuverability for fast cycle times.

Bobcat tailored every component of these new loaders with the operator in mind. When jobsite demands are tougher and more complex, the Bobcat T86 and S86 perform as true worksite champions. Compatible with high-power attachments, along with multi-tasking functions and heavier loads in fewer cycles, these loaders combine speed and productivity like never before. In turn, operators can achieve greater lifting capacity and machine speed for the most efficient work cycles yet.

Bobcat T86 Compact Track Loader and S86 Skid-Steer Loader

Bobcat Company’s new T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader are the most powerful compact loaders the company has ever built, delivering more usable engine and hydraulic horsepower than ever before. These advanced machines have been engineered to offer customers the all-around performance expected for today’s most demanding jobs. 

Highlights of the Bobcat T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader include:

• Premium Power Performance for improved engine-to-workgroup efficiency.

• Three hydraulic flow options—standard, high and super flow—in one machine.

• Cast steel lift arm sections and increased lifting capabilities.

• Standard dual-direction bucket positioning.

• Standard automatic ride control.

• Standard rearview camera.

• One-piece, sealed and pressurized cab.

• A simple, non-DPF emissions solution.

• Enhanced workgroup response and drive response.

• Automatic heat and air conditioning.

• Optional Machine IQ wireless communication kit.

Built to Last Wherever the Job Takes You

Building on a more than 60-year legacy of performance and durability, Bobcat builds equipment with maximum uptime reliability and productivity in mind. The T86 and S86 loaders’ unmatched R-Series cooling system has been completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime availability.

Bobcat’s R-Series loaders feature a larger, higher capacity radiator and a cooling fan that is about twice the size of traditional fans. The fan achieves more cooling at a slower rotation and is more energy efficient. The larger fan also generates less noise around the engine for a quieter ride and operation.

Heavy-duty steel louvers also provide the airflow needed for optimal operation. The machine’s fan pulls cool air in through the tailgate to significantly reduce temperatures inside the engine compartment. Other features contributing to these loaders’ enhanced cooling include the reversible fan, a higher capacity radiator and larger auxiliary hydraulic hoses and tube lines.

Both the T86 and S86 come with Bobcat’s Tier 4 solution engine. Bobcat engines meet Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This reduces downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs, so operators can focus on what they do best – getting down to work.

Maximum Comfort and On-Board Features to Advance Operator Productivity

The R-Series T86 and S86 carry on the Bobcat tradition of providing a comfortable, well-designed operator experience for all-day productivity. In the cab, operators will quickly notice and appreciate the quality of the low-noise, low-vibration work environment. With the advantage of the one-piece, sealed cab and a quieter cooling system, Bobcat has significantly reduced the sound levels inside the cab, as well as around the machine.

The triple-flange, rear idler and optional 5-link torsion suspension undercarriage also reduces vibration, providing operators with a high level of comfort for long days of heavy-duty work. Dedicated comfort features include a roomy cab, a heated air-ride seat, automatic heat and air conditioning, ergonomic controls, innovative displays and options to deliver greater comfort and easier machine control for higher operator productivity. 

Three workgroup response settings allow operators to adjust the joystick sensitivity of lift and tilt functions to match operation preference with the demands of the job. Users can adjust between slower and smooth movements for precision operations, as well as faster lift and tilt functions for applications that require more speed. This provides the ability to tailor the loader’s drive response to individual preferences for precise control and enhanced productivity. It is possible to set the drive response for smooth movements and precise control or adjust to a faster response drive for a proficient operator or when applications require faster cycle times.

Advanced Technologies

The easy-to-read cab display, a standard feature in R-Series loaders, provides full-featured machine interaction and monitoring capabilities from right in the cab. The rearview camera, which is standard equipment on the T86 and S86, offers a rear view from the operator’s seat, helping to identify obstacles on the jobsite. 

From a single machine to an entire fleet, Bobcat’s advanced technologies give customers the power to track, monitor and manage equipment more efficiently. Customers can stay connected to their Bobcat machines at any time and from virtually anywhere with Machine IQ. Bobcat machine owners can remotely access Machine IQ, a wireless information system, to monitor machine health and track information that enhances maintenance, security and performance.

With Bobcat MaxControl, operators can remotely operate their machine or create geofences for object avoidance during semi-autonomous operations. Take the T86 and S86 loaders to the next level of operation, such as operating the machine from outside the cab or setting up geofences around objects on the jobsite to avoid.


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